Fire Premium


What is Premium?

Premium is an extension to Fire that gives extra features in return for donations. These donations help me pay the bills to keep Fire up and running.

What does Premium give you?

Premium gives you a nice set of additional features for your server



Autorole allows you to set a role that users will recieve upon joining your server

$autorole [<role>] - Enable autorole, takes a role name/id/mention

(Use the command without role argument to disable)

Invite Roles

Invite roles allow you to automatically give users a role depending on what invite they used to join. You can enable/disable it with the following command

$invrole <invite> <role>

(To disable use the command again with the same invite and same role. For invite, use the code itself or url)


Ranks are roles that anyone can join by typing a command. The roles users can join are from a list of roles you add.

$rank [<rank name>] - List ranks or join a rank if a rank name is provided

$addrank <role> - Add a rank that users can join (Requires Manage Roles)

$delrank <role> - Remove a rank (Requires Manage Roles)

Role Persist

Role Perist allows you to give a user a role and shove it down their throat make sure they keep it, even if they leave and rejoin!

$rolepersist <member> <role> - Give a member a role that is persistant

Other features

Used Invite

See what invite a user used when they joined.

If the user either 1. hasn’t joined using an invite or 2. the invite is unknown, it will suggest lurking/server discovery if applicable (Lurking requires a public guild)

Note: Due to Discord not actually giving this information, it may not always be correct but has shown a high success rate when finding the used invite.

Vanity URL Stats

With premium, you will be able to see the statistics of your server’s vanity url created by Fire ($vanityurl). Stats are tracked for all servers but you need premium to view them

Custom Redirects

Using the same domain as vanity urls, you can create redirects to other websites, e.g. redirecting to Fire’s invite

Priority Support

If you’re having issues with Fire and ask in the #premium-chat channel in Fire’s discord, you will get faster support (It sends a notification to my phone lmao)

Priority Suggestions

Suggestions made by using the $suggest command will be prioritized for premium users. You can see the status of suggestions on the Trello

Where the money goes

The money received from premium supporters goes right back to Fire via paying for the VPS every month. If there’s a time when I can afford to pay for the VPS and have left over cash, it will go towards paying for things related to Fire, e.g. error tracking (Sentry), domains and anything else that will benefit Fire.

How much is it and where do I donate?

There’s currently 3 different tiers for premium. 1 server, 3 servers and 5 servers. Premium for 1 server costs $5, 3 servers costs $8 and 5 servers costs $12. Premium is purchased through my Patreon. If you are unable to purchase premium through Patreon, please join my Discord and tag me (Geek#8405) in the #help channel.

This page will be updated regularly so you can be assured the information here is up to date!