First Post :D

def firstPost(content: str):

firstPost('Hello, World!')  # Yes this is extremely useless but shush

Who Am I

Hey, I’m Jake o/ I’m an 18 year old Python developer (if you couldn’t already tell from the Python snippet above) from Ireland.


I’ve worked on quite a few projects in the past but these are the ones I’m focused on the most…

Name Description
Fire (Active) A Discord bot for all! With many features such as utilities, moderation and even Google Assistant, Fire is the only bot you need. Website
YouTube (Inactive) My YouTube channel consists of a wide variety of content… Just kidding! It’s mostly Minecraft (as that’s the only game I play) but I’m starting to upload a bit more coding content too Check it out
SpectralMC (Gone but not forgotten) SpectralMC was my Minecraft server I used to work on hoping it would be the next big thing but I never really released it. I just had a “beta” period. It was at this time that I used Skript to “code” plugins

What’s this blog for

My blog will have lots of things. For example…

  • Personal updates.
  • Updates about projects
  • Cool things I’ve found related to coding
  • Just kidding I lied I never post anything on here lol (03/06/2020)

and potentially other things I haven’t listed here! The software used to make my website is kinda made for blogging so I thought I might aswell start a blog :joy:

def footer():
    Welp, that's it for this blog post. 
    I don't really know when the next one will be (most likely when I have nothing to do)
    so I guess I'll see you then! Bye o/