Fire - Commands


Main Commands

Name Description Usage Aliases
ping Shows you my ping to discord’s servers $ping None
suggest Suggest a feature $suggest <suggestion> None
invite Sends my invite link $invite None
stats Shows you some stats about me $stats None
rpc View someone’s rich presence $rpc [<member>] None
dab dab. $dab None
warm warm something up $warm <something> None
cowsay Cow goes moo (or whatever really) $cowsay <text> None
ascii Make ASCII text $ascii <text> None
👏 Emphasise your text with clapping $clap <text> clap
8ball Ask the magic 8ball a question $8ball <question> None

Hypixel Commands

The Hypixel command consists of different “subcommands”, which are listed below.

Name Description Usage
key See my API key usage $hypixel key
watchdog See watchdog stats, usually broadcasted every 2 hours on the server $hypixel watchdog
skyblock See SkyBlock news (profiles are a work in progress) $hypixel skyblock [<news>]
player Get a general overview of a player $hypixel <player>
guild Get a general overview of a player’s guild & members $hypixel <player> guild
friends Get a general overview of a player’s friends $hypixel <player> friends

Minecraft Commands

Name Description Usage
skin See a player’s Minecraft skin $skin <ign/UUID>
mcstatus Check the status of Minecraft services $mcstatus

KSoft.Si Commands

Name Description Usage
meme Get a random meme $meme [<subreddit>]
lyrics Get the lyrics for a song (Provide a member to search for their current song on Spotify) $lyrics [<query/member>]
image Get an image from a tag $image <tag>
imagetags Get a list of tags (for the above command) $imagetags
baninfo Get info about a ban on KSoft.Si $baninfo <user id>

Sk1er Commands

Name Description Usage
levelhead Get a player’s levelhead info $levelhead <player>
modcore Get a player’s modcore profile $modcore <player>

Hyperium Commands

The Hyperium command consists of different “subcommands”, which are listed below.

Name Description Usage
stats Get Hyperium’s statistics $hyperium stats
player status Check if a player is currently using Hyperium $hyperium <player> status
player purchases Check a player’s purchases $hyperium <player> purchases

YouTube Commands

The YT command consists of different “subcommands”, which are listed below.

Name Description Usage
yt Get the top 5 trending videos in the US $yt
yt info Get a video’s info from an ID or URL $yt info <id/url>

Music Commands

Name Description Usage Aliases
connect Connect to a voice channel $connect <channel> join
play Queue a song or playlist for playback. $play <search query/url> sing, p
np Sends the music controller message which contains various information about the current and upcoming songs. $np now_playing, current, currentsong
pause Pause the currently playing song. $pause None
resume Resume a currently paused song. $resume None
skip Skip the current song. $skip None
stop Stop the player, disconnect and clear the queue. $stop None
volume Change the player volume. $volume <number: 1-100> vol
queue Retrieve a list of currently queued songs. $queue q, que
shuffle Shuffle the current queue. $shuffle mix
repeat Repeat the currently playing song. $repeat loop
seteq Pick from one of the equalizer presets to change your music. $seteq <Flat/Boost/Metal/Piano> None

Image Commands

Name Description Usage
makeameme Make your own meme using the “top text, bottom text” format $makeameme <member/image url> <top text>/<bottom text>
deepfry Deepfry an image or your avatar (your avatar is used if no argument is provided) $deepfry [<member/image url>]

Settings Commands

Name Description Usage Aliases
settings Run through my setup process to configure a few settings $settings setup
setlogs Set a channel for logging $setlogs <channel> None
desctiption Set the description for the server that shows in Vanity URLs $description <desccription> desc
modonly Set channels to restrict commands for moderators $modonly [<**channels>] None
adminonly Set channels to restrict commands for admins $modonly [<**channels>] None
joinmsg Set the join message and a channel to send it in $joinmsg <channel> <message> None
leavemsg Set the leave message and a channel to send it in $leavemsg <channel> <message> None
linkfilter Enable different link filters. Run the command without arguments to see all filters $linkfilter <**filters> None
filterexcl Exclude channels/roles/members from the filters $filterexcl <**channel/role/member> None
command Enable/disable a command in your server $command <command> None

Moderation Commands

Users with the Manage Messages permission are considered moderators and can use these commands. Be careful who you give this permission to

Name Description Usage Aliases
ban Ban a user from the server $ban <user> [<reason>] banish, begone, gtfo, 410
unban Unban a user from the server $unban <user> [<reason>] unbanish
softban Bans a user, deletes messages from a specified amount of days and then unbans. $softban <user> <amount of days: 1-7> [<reason>] None
mute Mute a user. $mute <user> [<time> <reason>] Time format: 1d 2h 3m 4s == 1 day, 2 hours, 3 minutes and 4 seconds silence, tempmute, 403
unmute Unmute a muted user. $unmute <user> None
warn Warn a user. $warn <user> <reason> None
warnings View warnings for a user $warnings <user> None
clearwarns Clear a users warnings $clearwarns <user> clearwarnings
clearwarn Clear a single warning $clearwarn <case id> clearwarning
modlogs View moderation logs for a user $modlogs <user> None
kick Kick a user. $kick <user> [<reason>] yeet, 409
block Mute a user/role in the current channel. $block <user/role> [<reason>] None
unblock Unmute a user/role who has been blocked in the current channel. $unblock <user/role> [<reason>] None
derank Remove all roles from a user (The role must be below Fire’s highest role to be removed) $derank <user> [<reason>] dethrone

Info Commands

The info command consists of different “subcommands”, which are listed below.

Name Description Usage Aliases
user Get a general overview of a user $info user <user> None
role Get a general overview of a role $info role <role> None
guild Get a general overview of the guild $info guild server

Tag Commands

The tag command consists of different “subcommands”, which are listed below.

Notes: Tag names are only one word. The ‘dtag’ alias will delete your message when viewing a tag

Name Description Usage Aliases Permission
tag See a list of all tags or view a tag $tag [<tag name>] dtag, tags None
create Create a new tag $tag create <name> <content> tags create, dtag create Manage Messages
guild Delete a tag $tag delete <name> tags delete, dtag delete Manage Messages

Utility Commands

Name Description Usage
dstatus Get Discord’s status (Made with help from ravy) $dstatus
snipe Get the last deleted message $snipe [<channel/user>]
esnipe Get the last edited message $esnipe [<channel/user>]
quote Quote a message from an id or url $quote <message id/message url> Got a HTTP Error Code? My cat knows what it means. $ <error code>
membercount Shows the amount of members $membercount
avatar Get a user’s avatar $avatar [<user>]
fireav Turns your avatar info the Fire logo $fireav [<user>]
tempmention Make a role mentionable for 60 seconds or until you mention it $tempmention <role>
vanityurl Creates a vanity invite for your Discord using $vanityurl [<code>/"disable"]
fetchchannel Fetch a channel’s info (Returns JSON) $fetchchannel <channel>
fetchmsg Fetch a message from its id or link (Returns JSON) $fetchmsg <message id/message url>
fetchuser Find a user from their id (Returns JSON) $fetchuser <id>
fetchactivity Get a member’s activities (Returns JSON) $fetchactivity [<member>]
tts Make Google TTS say something! $tts <text>
gassist Talk to the Google Assistant $gassist <query>

Purge Command

The purge command uses a flags system for arguments. For example, $purge 10 --user Geek --match oof would purge the last 10 messages from the user Geek if it contains oof


Name Description Usage
purge Bulk delete messages $purge <amount> [<flags>]


Name Description Usage
user Purge messages from this user --user <name/mention/id>
channel Purge messages in this channel --channel <name/mention/id>
match Purge messages containing a string --match <string>
nomatch Purge messages that do not contain a string --nomatch <string>
startswith Purge messages starting with a string --startswith <string>
endswith Purge messages ending with a string --endswith <string>
attachments Purge messages with attachments (true = with, false = without) --attachments <true/false>
bot Purge messages from bots (true = bot, false = not bot) --bot <true/false>
invite Purge messages containing invites (true = with invites, false = without invites) --invite <true/false>
text Purge messages containing only text (true = only text, false = attachments, embeds etc.) --text <true/false>

Premium Commands

You can get Fire Premium by Clicking Here and donating

Name Description Usage
autorole Automatically add a role to a user when they join $autorole [<role name/id/mention>] Use command without role argument to disable
addrank Add a role that users can join through the rank command. $addrank <role>
delrank Remove a rank from the list of joinable roles. $delrank <role>
rank List all available ranks and join a rank $rank [<rank>]
rolepersist Add a role that will stay with the user, even if they leave and rejoin. $rolepersist <member> <role>
antiraid Set a channel for raid alerts. These alerts allow you to ban raiders. $antiraid <channel>
raidmsg Set a raid message. Any user who sends the message will be added to a list and send to your raid alerts channel. $raidmsg <message>
redirect Create a redirect to ny website using, e.g. Use $redirect <slug> delete to delete the redirect. $redirect <slug> <url>